how to get dom element using jquery

To get native DOM elements from jQuery array-like object use the .get() method.$("#div").get(0); $("#div")[0];Try now

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how to disable a form element using jQuery

To enable/disabled a form element, just set it's disabled property to false.Try now

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How to detect keydown event using jQuery

Listen to keyboard events like keydown, keypress and keyup.then use the event data to determine which is the pressed key.Try now

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how to get selected option value using jquery

To select all the selected elements, use the selected selector. It applies only to option elements.Try now

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how to load external javascript asynchronously

There are ways of loading of external javascript asynchronously.use HTML5 with async attribute<script src="//" async><&#

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How to create a Persistent Header with Opacity Using jQuery

When the user scrolls below the specified threshold, the top bar is attached to the top of the window, and the opacity is set to 80%.To create a persistent header is a quite simple.when the window is

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Top 10 source free and excellent background control panels on Github

Almost all platforms in Web development need a background management, but it is not easy to develop a set of background control panels from scratch. Fortunately, there are many open source free backgr

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How to refresh page using jquery

Refresh whole page// Binding Button Click Event when Page Loading $(function ($){     $("# button id").click

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How to empty the form using jQuery

<form id="myform">     <input name="test" value="test> </form>you can use follow methods to reset the form$('#m

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E-mail Verification using jQuery

E-mail Verification using jQuery<form action="/">     <input type="text" name="username">     &l

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10 tips for developing mobile page

use these private meta tags in webkit kernThey play a very important role when developing webapp.<meta content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, us

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3 Ways to test your device is a mobile device or PC

3 Ways to test your device is a mobile device or PC    (function () {         var url = location.href;  &nbs

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How to hide the text of paragraph when it s too long

when the text is too long ,it will overflow or wrap.So for the perfect layout,you can truncate it using css:the element'swidth must be setwhite-space: nowrap No line breaking is allowed.text-overf

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How to remove item of a array in js

use splice methodIt can also be used to replace/delete/add one or more values in an array.splice(index,len,[item])index: from which itme to replace/deletelen: Length of substitution

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19 best Angularjs framework and dashboard handpicked collection

Angular JS is the most popular open source web app framework. Angular JS is used to address the challenges that hinder the development of single-page applications.As an Angular JS user, you must not m

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7 Free cross-browser test tools

Web developers often need to check the compatibility of websites to ensure that they works perfectly in all browsersthere are a large number of cross-browser testing tools,we release a handpicked coll

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