jQuery selected element Traversal

jQuery selected element TraversalSometimes selectors don't work very well. Sometimes selectors don't work very well. Traverse must be used to accomplish logical functions.Tree Traversal Method

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How to keep your JavaScript code more safely

How to keep your javascript code more safelyObfuscating javascript used to be complex. However, with the help of javascript obfuscator,the process has become significantly easier.javascript obfuscator

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How to expand float child div height to parents height using CSS

How to set float child DIV height to match parent's height?The  page structure is:<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>     <meta charset="u

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How to check if a variable is declared in JavaScript

Question: I use this to check if variable exists,but it's not work.  if(variable  !== undefined) // it don't workError: Uncaught Referenc

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how to get the jQuery version number

Many javascript frameworks provide a version property on their primary object, providing some important information about the framework.To get the jQuery version, we can use the jquery property,It pro

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How to use JSONP to solve Cross-domain AJAX request problem with jQuery

The biggest limitation of Ajax is that cross-domain requests are not allowed.XMLHttpRequest cannot load The request was redirected to&

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How to Capture the console log in javascript and redirect it to html page

To capture the console.log message,we can hijack the js function(function(){     var syslog = console.log; //get the original method

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How to create spinning images with jQuery

In this tutorial we are going to create spinning images with jQuery.The idea is to leverage CSS3's transformations and opacity properties to create spinning images.Try nowThe Markup<div cl

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How to modify the ajax header value using jquery

Every time when an AJAX request is initiated, The browser automatically set a bunch of headers values as Accept, Host, User-Agent ,which will be sended to the server.Sometimes,we may want to set our c

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How to detect the device location with js

The HTML API uses various sources of location information as GPS, IP address, WiFi, GSM, Bluetooth to get the position of the device.All you need to do is just writing a few lines of code.check if the

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How the method chaining in jQuery works

When a method want to be used in the chaining mode, It must return the current object. So the object can invoke other method calls.How it work example:function Client() {    

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how to cache static resources to speed up web page

Loading static resources using browser cache will reduce HTTP requests for subsequent access and improve the performance of Web pages.So the static resources as images, styles, scripts etc should leve

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how to check if a checkbox is checked Using jQuery

To test a jQuery object, use the .is() method. It returns boolean value.Use .is(":checked"),you can determine if a checkbox has been checked.There are other methods are useful:jQuery prop(&#

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how to check whether an element exists using jQuery

To improve the software's robustness. you need to ensure it's part of DOM before using a HTML element .use selector.length method to do the check.if ($("#selector").length) 

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how to determine an element state using jQuery

The check element may has the state :visible, :hidden, :checked, :disabled, :selected etc.We can use the .is() method to determine it.Try now

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how to get value of checked element using jQuery

use the :checked selector to match all elements that are checked.use jQuery map/get functions to get the values of multiple checked checkboxs.$('input[type=checkbox]:checked').map(functio

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