jQuery document ready function

jQuery document readyBefore having jquery,If we want to run code when DOM loading is complete.We always use windows.load method:window.load=function(){       //Wri

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jQuery addClass removeClass hasClass toggleClass

jQuery addClass , removeClass, hasClass,toggleClassIn this tutorial, we will explains how to manage the classes of DOM element.Assume we have an element:<div id="foo" class=&quo

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jQuery Selector

jQuery SelectorIn this tutorial, we will tall about the selector which is the most important parts in the jQuery library.What we do most in jQuery is selecting the DOM elements and manipulate them.The

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jQuery fadeIn fadeOut fadeTo fadeToggle

jQuery fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeTo,fadeTogglejQuery provides 4 methods to implement transparency effect in HTML.MethodDescriptionfadeInDisplay the matched elements by fading them to opaque.fadeOutHide the

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jQuery add new element and html

jQuery add new element and htmljQuery add() method will create a new jQuery object with elements added to the matched elements.jQuery add()jQuery add() method is very useful if you want to add new htm

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jQuery noConflict

jQuery noConflict()In jQuery $ is used as an alias(shortcut) for jQuery. Other javascript libraries might also use $ variableThe method noConflict () is used to resolves multiple jQuery version or ano

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jQuery Sliding Effects

jQuery Sliding EffectsjQuery has 3 useful sliding effects .slideDown(),.slideToggle() and .slideUp() methods.They will show or hide the DOM elements with sliding effect.jQuery slide Descriptionmethodd

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jQuery Ajax Event Handlers

jQuery Global Ajax Event HandlersAjax short for asynchronous javascript and XML,is a set of web development techniques which update a web page without reloading the page. It's very important for w

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jQuery AJAX Shorthand Methods

jQuery AJAX Shorthand MethodsIn ajax, get and post are two common submission methods. Formats json is often used.So jQuery encapsulates them further to make them easier to use.jQuery AJAX Shorthand Me

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jQuery Mouse Events Methods

jQuery Mouse Events MethodsThe jQuery provides a complete mouse event solution.methoddescription.click()Bind an event handler to the "click" javascript event, or trigger that event on an ele

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jQuery selected element Traversal

jQuery selected element TraversalSometimes selectors don't work very well. Sometimes selectors don't work very well. Traverse must be used to accomplish logical functions.Tree Traversal Method

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how to get the jQuery version number

Many javascript frameworks provide a version property on their primary object, providing some important information about the framework.To get the jQuery version, we can use the jquery property,It pro

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How to use JSONP to solve Cross-domain AJAX request problem with jQuery

The biggest limitation of Ajax is that cross-domain requests are not allowed.XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://jph.com. The request was redirected to&

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How to create spinning images with jQuery

In this tutorial we are going to create spinning images with jQuery.The idea is to leverage CSS3's transformations and opacity properties to create spinning images.Try nowThe Markup<div cl

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How to modify the ajax header value using jquery

Every time when an AJAX request is initiated, The browser automatically set a bunch of headers values as Accept, Host, User-Agent ,which will be sended to the server.Sometimes,we may want to set our c

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How the method chaining in jQuery works

When a method want to be used in the chaining mode, It must return the current object. So the object can invoke other method calls.How it work example:function Client() {    

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